MND Research Project : Volunteers Needed in Manchester


We have Dr Emma Hodson-Tole and Ms Kate Bibbings coming to discuss progress on their research project (co-funded by our branch and Cheshire), at our next branch meeting on the 21st October!

We look forward to hearing from Emma and Kate, but in the meantime, they need healthy volunteers to assist in the research project, so here’s a great chance to help with MND Research! We have included the text from Emma below, and please see the images for the detailed information.

Healthy Participant Recruitment for Ultrasound/Electromyography Study at MMU

We are looking to recruit healthy participants for a study collecting ultrasound images and measures of muscle electrical activity (electromyography) from a small number of muscles in the legs, arms and shoulder region. We are collecting data from two main age groups:

• Between the ages of 18 and 35
• Over 50 years old

The aim of the study is to assess involuntary activity, whilst the muscle is at rest. This means that participants will be asked to remain as still as possible during testing runs, which last for 35 seconds each. Data collection will involve the insertion of a thin needle electrode into the muscle, where it will remain until assessment of that particular muscle is complete. The ultrasound probe will be placed in close proximity to the needle and simultaneous ultrasound images and muscle activity data recorded. This data will be used as control data in a study into the diagnostic feasibility of ultrasound imaging in relation to Motor Neurone Disease, which is being sponsored by The MND Association.

Anyone interested in participating would need to be able to visit the labs at MMU (John Dalton Building, Oxford Road, Manchester, M1 5GD) for approximately 2 hours. We can arrange the date/time to fit in with your schedule. The only additional criterion is that participants should not be taking any blood thinning medication (e.g. aspirin), due to the use of needle electrodes during testing.

We are particularly interested in people who are over 50 years of age, as currently we have a smaller number of people in this age group category.

Full information is provided in the attached sheet. We are happy to answer any questions you would like to ask to help you decide whether you wish to take part or not.
Many thanks for your consideration and please do contact us if you are interested!

Ms. Kate Bibbings (The MND Association funded PhD student)


Dr. Emma Hodson-Tole



MND Research info sheet 1

MND Research project info sheet 2