Thinking of taking a holiday? – Obtaining affordable travel insurance when you are living with MND isn’t always easy. This is largely due to the lack of understanding and knowledge about the affects of MND within the insurance industry. The MND Association continues to campaign on your behalf, lobbying the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and their members to promote equality and fairness, so people living with MND can obtain affordable and appropriate insurance cover in the near future.

When applying for Travel insurance you will invariably be referred to a medical screening line. You will be asked a series of medical questions designed to establish how the disease affects you.

These may include the following:-

  • Do you have a pre-existing condition?
  • What type of MND do you have?
  • How long have you been diagnosed?
  • Have you been given a prognosis?
  • Are you awaiting any test results?
  • Have you had inpatient treatment within the past three months?
  • Questions about your independence.

Other important things to bear in mind:

  • Insurers tend to consider an illness is ‘terminal’ where a prognosis has been given
  • For the majority of people living with MND this doesn’t apply
  • The question about test results will not refer to routine tests which may be carried out during a check up
  • If you are awaiting other test results, you will NOT be offered cover, not even for an ingrown toe nail!
  • Insurers do not like to offer cover to anyone who has received recent inpatient treatment
  • Insurers may add a high excess to premiums if you have been diagnosed for over 12 months.

Must do’s…

  • We would strongly recommend you obtain at least three quotes and go for the most competitive, bearing in mind the advice already given
  • When you receive your policy document, check that it really does include everything it says on the tin!
  • Taking aids and equipment? Think about getting them covered
  • Travelling in the UK? You may still wish to consider taking out cover, especially if you are taking any items of equipment with you.

Want to know more? Please contact MND Connect for more information. Telephone: 03457626262 or email

Had a bad experience?

The MND Connect team say: “We would be really interested to learn about any difficulties people have experienced when obtaining travel insurance. This will enable us to continue to lobby the ABI and their members on your behalf, so that meaningful changes are brought about in the industry, so people living with MND get the fair deal they so deserve.”