Sharon Simm – My Association Visitor experience

I have now been an association visitor for 2 years, and have found this to be a rewarding and positive experience. I cared for my husband during his journey with MND, and watching his deterioration was devastating and heartbreaking, however knowing how he fought the illness with courage and determination gave me the courage to apply to be an AV and hopefully help other people in the same situation.

It is a challenge but one that was well worth taking, the people I meet, both patients and carers are amazing and it is good to know that you can help make a difference to their lives. You are not just another professional but a friendly face and voice that they can relate to on their journey, offering confidential emotional support, and information about the Association and other services and helping to reduce the sense of isolation that many people can feel affected by the disease.

I have found that it has helped me develop as a person and also feel a valued member of a team, learning new skills and able to use existing skills along the way, and with these skills in place I am looking forward to my role as a hospital volunteer in the MND clinic in Salford Royal along with other Association Visitors at the clinic.

I hope to continue in this role knowing that I am providing a much needed service supporting people affected by MND, both those with the disease and their families.

Sharon Simm

Photograph of Sharon Simm

Sharon Simm

To learn more about the Association Visitor volunteer role, if you are keen to see if it’s right for you, please see the MND Association’s website here!