myBreathing project – Get Involved!

We have a new guest post, courtesy of Cathy Soreny, about a project you can get involved in!

We will also be helping to make a contribution towards the project as a branch, as our own Branch Patron, John Ealing, is involved in the project also!

Cathy Soreny – Optical Jukebox.

The next stage of SITraN’s online patient information project, myMND is about to get started in July, thanks to funding from the South Yorkshire branch of the MND Association (MNDA) and the central MNDA team.

We will be updating the original website made 4 years ago about non-invasive ventilation – myNIV.

Would you like to take part in the patient and carer co-design group?

If you have some experience of using NIV (good and bad!), or if also you have said no to it, then you could help to shape this useful resource for people living with Motor Neurone Disease.

Please contact the project manager Cathy Soreny at or on 07538 060564 and she can explain what is involved.

See more details also in the attached PDF with more info about the project