Jenny Lee – Voice Banking Training

We have a fantastic guest post by Jenny Lee who attended a recent Voice Banking session from the MND Association.

We know from our branch meetings, it’s something that is discussed, so it’s great to see this new project evolve, please see Jenny’s article about it below.

Voice Banking Training

A voice banking training session was held at Salford Royal on Wednesday 6Th June. There were 15 professionals that attended including Speech and Language Therapists, Physiotherapists, Social Worker and Dietician. They attended from a variety of areas within Greater Manchester.

The training was provided by Richard Cave, Speech and Language Therapist and the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA). He is running a project for the next two years to provide free training to health and social care professionals around voice banking for people living with MND.

In 2017 ‘Voice Banking’ was the most searched for term on the MNDA website and in a 2017 MNDA survey around voice banking to which over 700 people responded; more than 60% had not banked their voice because;

• Didn’t know about it
• Not enough information was provided
• Didn’t start the process early enough
• There wasn’t timely informed support to complete the process
• 10 % were not interested

There can also be uncertainty with health care professionals in terms of discussing and offering support for a person to bank their voice. The aim of this training was to address some of these issues and offer practical information and support to health care professionals who wished to explore this further for people living with Motor Neurone Disease under their care.

This training was a fantastic opportunity to learn how to practically implement voice banking and to gain experience of banking your own voice. It gave an insight into how this may feel and some of the difficulties that may be encountered. It was also really useful to have discussions about how this could work and some of the problems that you may face and need to solve in this process.

Everyone who attended reported that this had been a really useful training course and that they felt much more confident in how to use and access the voice banking service.

For more information on voice banking please see the link below.

MND Association Voice Banking information

This can also be discussed in more detail with either your local Speech and Language Therapist or the Speech and Language Therapist connected to the Manchester MND Care Centre based at Salford Royal – contact details below.

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