It’s a Knockout! – Kathryn Sheldon’s experience

It’s a Knockout – June 2017

When I first spoke to volunteer fundraiser Darren Forsyth last year about holding an outdoor ‘It’s a Knockout’ tournament to raise money for the MND Association he was full of enthusiasm and I could tell immediately he was going to give it his all to make the event a success. The event was to involve giant inflatables, water, foam – the works! An exciting team event which would undoubtedly be a huge amount of fun and with potential to attract a lot of people to take part. Darren asked me to put the feelers out and see how many teams we could get involved – there was a lot of interest!

Fast forward to June with 12 teams lined up to take each other on, but what we didn’t realise was that in reality, it was the ‘It’s a Knockout’ team we were taking on!

My team were taking part in the afternoon games so I nervously watched as the It’s a Knockout crew did everything they possibly could to prevent people completing the various challenges we were set. And they were already difficult enough! We were throwing ourselves over inflatables covered in foam, carrying water on our heads, dressing up in sumo suits whilst blindfolded, manoeuvring a team car through an obstacle course, all with these so-called ‘helpers’ blocking us, sending us the wrong way, knocking us over and generally being nuisances in the vain of making us all look like idiots! It was so much fun though! The nerves disappeared quickly as I got into the spirit of the games and the felt a great sense of satisfaction as the sun shone down and the games drew to close; we had survived ‘It’s a Knockout’, raised money for the MND Association and had a great afternoon doing it! My team had given it our all but unfortunately came second to last with Charlotte’s ‘Team Sykes’ the team standing between us and the wooden spoon.

All in all it was a fantastic day for both spectators and participants. As well as the games themselves, Darren had found a great venue with food and a bar and enlisted a ranges of fairground stalls, pony rides etc. which made for a really good day out. The sun was still shining and the sports club was still buzzing as we said our goodbyes and headed back to Manchester. We are still talking about it and laughing at daft we looked in the photos in the days that followed and we’ll definitely be back again next year – with a better game plan and the winning spot in our sight!

Written by Kathryn Sheldon – Regional Fundraiser. Photo Credit – David Sowerby