Great Run Manchester 10K – May 2017

May 28th saw the Branch once again holding a cheering point for our runners in the Manchester 10k and what a day it was!

Situated at the side of Manchester United near the half way point, we cheered and made a noise each time we spotted one of our fantastic runners blue shirts and my did they keep us busy, probably the most ever running for the Association, a rough calculation was over 70 including Committee members Ann Powell with her daughter Hannah and son Chris, Stacey Kerr and Trustee Charlotte Layton.

The weather was ideal for the runners not to warm but not too cold for us cheerers. The runners are getting used to our cheering point now, so coming over with a high five.

A huge thankyou to all the runners who took part, it’s not easy and an awful lot of hard training has to be put in. Also thanks to our volunteers who came down for the afternoon, we always have a good laugh and go home exhausted.

Phil Bennett – Branch Chair