Local Branch Team / Regional Staff

Branch Committee

Branch Chairman: Mr Phil Bennett

I became involved with the Association when my mother was diagnosed with MND.

I became a Committee member in 2001, the year after my mother passed away, and became Branch Chair in 2003 with a year off in 2011.

Email: phil.bennett@mndamanchester.org.uk

Vice Chair / Campaigner / Website & Social Media: Greg Broadhurst

Hello, I’m Greg! I’ve been with the Manchester and District Branch since 2014, and help the branch run their social media across Facebook and Twitter. We’ve seen huge success with the social media side, by helping fundraisers promote events, and by providing a means of contact for those who need to ask a quick question.Westminster

I’ve been a supporter of the Associations work for quite some time, and always tried to help promote their work. Incidentally, it was my personal social media work, that led to being asked to help the branch, at the 2014 Spring Conference, by those I’d got to know online at the national office!

My own involvement with the MND Association comes from losing my Grandad to MND. I was too young to have known the great man I’ve been told about, before MND struck, but the pain it’s caused my family since, has left me driven to make a difference.

I’ve seen the scar the experience left on my family, and by helping the branch, it gives my family a huge sense of pride that I’m leaving a legacy to the memory of my Grandad. In recent years, a friend lost a parent, giving me another reason to help.

I’m also an avid campaigner for the MND association, and enjoy lobbying, some might say too much! We have seen huge success in a short time locally, and I’m also working with national office on wider campaigns, including lobbying MP’s, so we can continue to make a difference to those living with MND across our Branch area.

I try to transfer skills obtained during my career in the business world, and in doing so, aim to help the branch to continue to be a great success for many years to come!

Email: greg.broadhurst@mndamanchester.org.uk

Branch Secretary: Mrs Ann Powell

I am the Branch secretary for the Manchester & District branch. I took on this role, having joined as a committee member in 2013.

I lost my husband to MND in April 2012, having been his full time carer, which allowed us to spend quality time together as a family. The MNDA had kindly helped purchase equipment, which ensured my husband continued to have a good quality of life.

Therefore following his passing away, I felt motivated to give something back to the Association, which began with a collection in lieu of flowers at my husband’s funeral. This gave me the momentum to become involved with the Association, to raise awareness and funds to support people living with MND, and their families.

Email: ann.powell@mndamanchester.org.uk

Branch Contact: Mrs Lindsey Lonsborough

I am the branch contact, and if you need to speak to me, please call on 07895443876. If I cant speak immediately, please leave details and I will call you back. Alternatively, you can e-mail me also:

Email: branchcontact@mndamanchester.org.uk

Branch Treasurer: Mr David Crowther

Email: david.crowther@mndamanchester.org.uk

AV Co-ordinators:

Mr Stephen Mears

Email: stephen.mears@mndamanchester.org.uk

Mrs Jean Cox

Email: jean.cox@mndamanchester.org.uk

Fundraising Co-ordinator: Mrs Stacey Kerr

IMG_3292 [721805]Hello! My name is Stacey and although I have supported the associations work for a number of years, I have only recently started attending the open get-togethers with the fantastic team here in Manchester. I was so enthused by the support they give locally and the dedication of the individuals involved. I was honoured when they asked me to join the branch Committee in 2015. My passion is fundraising and I have organised lots of local events to raise vital funds and much needed awareness of MND. I have also climbed Kilimanjaro raising almost £15,000 in the process! My role within the team will be to organise and promote fundraising ideas and events in our area.

I lost my beloved mum to MND in 2005 and was horrified by the lack of awareness or funding. This has driven me to raise as much as I can and strive for a world free from MND. I have a passion and commitment which hopefully, alongside the rest of the team, will make a difference.

Email: stacey.kerr@mndamanchester.org.uk

Branch Committee Member: Mrs Sue McCormick

I have been a member of the Manchester Branch and MND Association photosince 1985. I am a Speech and Language Therapist by profession and found myself working with people with MND when I qualified in 1984. There was little support then, the Association was in it’s infancy and I knew I wanted to make a difference.

I now work as an NHS manager but still provide some direct care, as I remain one of the SLT’s on a rapid response community MND team.

I have been the branch secretary, branch chair, Trustee of the national Association and an Association volunteer. I presently serve on the Care Committee of the national Association.

Branch Committee Member: Mr Andrew McDermott

It is a privilege to be elected to serve on the committee and my aim is to raise awareness, offer support and make a difference for all those living with MND and their carers, families and friends.

My dad was diagnosed with MND in August 2015 and died just 2 years later in August 2017. The support we had and still get from our amazing MND family is incredible so I want to give something back and be part of the Association, to push on to have A World Free Of MND.

I am married to Dawn and we have 2 sons, Jordan and Isaac. l work in mortgages but love to bake so lots of my fundraising tends to be around that.