Support available – Living with MND / Carers / Family.

Local Support

As a branch we can offer people living with MND, their Carers and family members, support locally in Greater Manchester. This can be in a range of ways, from our support groups, to our wonderful Association Visitor volunteers. To see the support an AV can provide, please click here

AV’s (Association Visitors) perform a vital role in supporting people affected by motor neurone disease – both those with the disease and those close to them. All Visitors are volunteers who have been carefully selected and have undergone a thorough training programme. If you feel you would like to have local support, please contact Jean Cox to discuss, by e-mail

National Support

The MND Association provides the connect service which can also come in useful for Health and Social Care professionals, as well as people living with MND, their carer’s and family. Connect can also try to arrange the support of an AV and put you in touch with a local branch.

You can contact the connect service Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm & 7pm to 10:30pm – Phone: 08088026262 or E-mail

See more on the connect service here and there is also a separate moderated forum available, give that a try, click here

MND Association Carers Guide

For unpaid Carers, the MND Association have developed fantastic guidance ‘Caring and MND: Support for you’, download a copy here!