Branch Aims

Branch Aims:

  • Provide support for people affected by MND
  • Raise money to help people affected by MND
  • Raise awareness about MND within Greater Manchester
  • Influence policy and decision-makers within Greater Manchester, to the benefit of people affected by MND
  • Liaise with health and social care professionals such as Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists and the Medical Profession

Our Branch holds regular support meetings for people living with MND and their carer’s. These provide an opportunity to meet with other people living with the disease, and to share experiences and ideas. Fundraising and raising awareness are also very important aspects of Branch activities, and we organize several events throughout the year which are well supported.

The Manchester Branch is completely run by volunteers. We are always interested in hearing from people who can help with events or who want to get involved with running the Branch.

For information about the work of the Association, and up to date information regarding the disease, care and research, please visit the National Office website at